Monday, January 5, 2015

1/13 Rolling out Lean in a Global Enterprise

The challenge is simple, take a 100 year old 40,000 person old school publishing company spread out across dozens of cities and countries with a wide ranging portfolio of products, services and cultures, and develop a single framework and common taxonomy to make the company more innovative, more nimble and better equipped to deliver more value to customers. Jonathan Bertfield, a product strategy consultant working with the Chief Product Office at Pearson Inc, will talk about how his team is attacking this challenge using Lean principles and tools as both the implementation methodology and the ultimate goal. 
Jonathan Bertfield
Jonathan Bertfield is a Product Strategy Consultant with two decades of experience working with media and education companies in the UK, Israel, California, New York and Australia. He has worked for publishers such as The Learning Company and Scholastic as well as leading several start ups in the ed-tech and publishing domains. Consulting clients include Sesame Workshop, News Corp, The Associated Press, Business Insider, Pearson, The Blue School & Bloomberg, with a focus on delivering strategy guidance around product innovation and driving product development process change, including applying lean start up, customer driven development and business design approaches inside large enterprises. Jonathan is an instructor at General Assembly running workshops for multinational enterprises and has been a coach in the business plan competition at NYU Stern for 7 years. Jonathan has an LLB from the University of Leeds, UK
Note: This event is being co-hosted with the Lean Product Best Practices Meetup group.
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