Scrumban is an agile methodology based on elements of Scrum and Kanban.

From Scrum:
  • Roles: Product Owner, Team, (and other roles as needed) 
  • Ceremonies/Artifacts: Daily Scrum, Task Board, Product Increment
From Kanban:
  • Visual Workflow
  • Just-in-Time (making what is needed, when it is needed, and only in the amount that is needed)
  • Limit Work in Process (WIP)
  • Optimize the process/flow

Scrum vs. Scrumban

Board/ArtifactsBoard, backlogs, burndownsBoard only
CeremoniesDaily scrum, sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospectiveDaily scrum (planning, review and retrospective as needed)
IterationsYes (sprints)No (continuous flow)
TeamsMust be cross-functionalCan be specialized
RolesPO, SM, TeamTeam + needed roles
TeamworkCollaborative as needed by taskSwarming to achieve goals
WIPControlled by sprint contentControlled by workflow state
ChangesShould wait for the next sprintAdded as needed on the board (to do)
Product BacklogList of prioritized and estimated storiesJust in time cards
ImpedimentsDealt with immediatelyAvoided

    Source: Dimitri Ponomareff's Scrum vs. Kanban: An Introduction to Scrumban, slide 18

Practical Tips:

  • Extend board to story creation/elaboration
  • Avoid creating/elaborating too many stories – (reduce waste)
  • Assume the necessary level of analysis before starting development
  • The backlog should be event-driven with an order point
  • Prioritization on demand: the ideal work planning process should always provide the team with best thing to work on next, no more no less
  • Dealing with Impediments:
  • Low priority work or refactoring/personal growth/technical advancements – anything that does not create work downstream.
Is Scrumban better than Scrum?
I find that it compliments Scrum very well and is better suited for certain activities / types of work.  Depends on the nature of the work your team is and environment your working within.  Scrumban is an alternative to Scrum, that works better if your team . Depends on the type of work that your team is doing.  and that for most "planned" applications Scrum is better.
     See also: Kanban's Not Better than Scrum, It's Just Smaller

More Resources (worth reviewing)

  • Cory Ladas' website or Scrumban - Essays on Kanban for Lean Software Development
  • Henrik Kniberg and Mattias Skarin' s Kanban and Scrum: Making the most of both
  • David J. Anderson's: Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business
  • Crisp Intro post on Kanban 
  • Yuval Yeret 's  Scrumban: Taking Scrum outside it's comfort zone
  • Dimitri Ponomareff's Scrum vs Kanban: Introduction to Scrumban

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