Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Injecting Agile into Outsourcing: Anecdotes and Horror Stories

On February 4, 2014, Peter Vaihansky, presented Injecting Agile into outsourcing: Anecdotes and horror stories at the Agile / Lean Practitioner Meetup group.

You can also read more of Peter Vaihansky's perspective in the ZDNet article: Outsourcing exec urges: 'Stop outsourcing your software development

Event Description:A decade ago, what is commonplace today – the use of Agile in outsourced development – was controversial and rare. Peter Vaihansky will share anecdotes, horror stories and insights from the trenches – in other words, the good, the bad and the ugly of his company’s 12 years’ journey with offshore and distributed Agile development. Come learn about how one strategically placed book can change the course of your company’s entire history; whether Extreme Programming can cause x-ray vision; how when all else fails, demoting your CEO and EVP can save the day; why two Russian engineers went looking for Phillips screwdrivers in the middle of a customer’s office; and more.

About the presenter:

Peter Vaihansky is the general manager for First Line Software’s North American operations. In this capacity, he oversees strategic client relationships, plays a key role in the sales and pre-sales process, and directs the company’s global marketing activities. Peter has been working with distributed Agile development teams since 2003.

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