Tuesday, March 12, 2019

RESCHEDULED: Agile PeopleOps Framework: An Agile HR Solution on 3/12/19

Join us for the rescheduled Lean / Agile Practitioners of NJ Meetup to see Christopher Goscinski and Naveen Ks discuss an 'Agile PeopleOps Framework' they have developed.  The event is now scheduled for Tuesday, 3/12.  Hope to see you there.

Agile is expanding beyond engineering and DevOps. Human Resources is next to adopt the mindsets and methodologies that enable quick feedback loops, focus on the customer, and drive better business decisions. Join us as we discuss the Agile PeopleOps Framework, a new approach how people function is driven keeping People central to it in an impactful way instead of old industrial management approach of managing machines and people in the same way.


About the speakers:

Christopher Goscinski is an agilest focused on helping organizations change how they interact with customers, both internal and external. He works with traditional scrum teams, as well as “meta” scrum teams - Human Resources, client relations, and the like. He enjoys enabling people to think differently and be the change they want to see in their organization.

Naveen Ks is an agile and organizational coach transforming individuals and teams through the adoption of agility in meaningful ways. He helps bring organizational agility and transformation efforts through assessments, coaching, training, mentoring and building motivated and outcome-oriented teams. He believes and quotes “self-awareness is central to become and remain agile”.

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