Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Importance of Reflection within Agile Software Teams

Embedding Reflection and Learning into Agile Software Development by Jeffry Babb, Rashina Hoda, and Jacob Norbjerg is an interesting study that emphasizes the importance of reflection and continuous learning for software teams via Reflective Agile Learning Model (REALM). The study emphasizes both Reflection-In-Action and Reflection-On-Action within Agile teams.

It showcases this concept within Agile Ceremonies:

It also points out that when teams are working at an unsustainable pace, they often remove their opportunities to be reflective and minimize their opportunities to improve.

While the concepts in the article should not be new to experienced agile practitioners, the Reflective Agile Learning Model (REALM) is worth looking into more. I am also encouraged that studies like this are being done.

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