Monday, June 17, 2013

Enterprise CADENCE

Enterprise-wide Agile transformations start with enthusiasm and dedication, and yet most transformations fail* within one year from the start of the Agile rollout.  Change management initiatives, especially those on a large scale, are notoriously difficult to pull off.  On Monday, 6/17, Mariya Breyter and I will be presenting Enterprise CADENCE, our views on the elements that help sustain agile transformations at AgileNYC.
We introduce a framework for sustaining and enhancing success of your Agile rollout, which we define in an acronym, CADENCE, which stands for C – coaching, A – assistance, D – development, E –  engagement, N – networking, C – collaborative culture, E – evaluate and adapt.
In our presentation, we will provide practical advice on how we made Agile CADENCE work for us in enhancing our Agile transformation, and suggest specific ways of making your Agile rollout successful on enterprise level.
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