Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starting an 'Agile / Lean Practitioners' Meet Up in NYC

In April 2013, Mariya Breyter, Terrence McGovern, Lori Masuda, and I decided to start group called Agile / Lean Practitioners in NYC. We wanted to create something that would give back to the Agile / Lean community, because we each have learned from other practitioners. Our objective is to create a forum for practitioners to meet and share their experiences. We plan to meet monthly on topics that are relevant to you.

Based on the early success of our first two meetings, we've been able to land some great speakers / companies for our upcoming events:
We hope that we'll see you at one of these upcoming events. Please join our meet up, tell others about it, and use #ALPNYC when tweeting about it.

Want to Suggest or Lead a Future Topic 
Reach out to one of the organizers or Submit your Topic.

Can I attend these events if I am new to Agile / Lean? 
We welcome those who are not currently practicing agile or lean practices and want to learn more, but our goal each meeting is to dive into issues that practitioners deal with, rather than provide an introduction to what agile is. If you're new to agile / lean practices, please feel free to see me or the other co-organizers after the event and we'd be happy to talk with in detail about what agile / lean are and share great introductory materials on these topics.

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